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What details do we need to pay attention to when making sand table model, and how to deal with them? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
Sand table model is to reduce the physical object according to a certain share and show its due role in a better overall situation. To achieve a good sand table display function, it is necessary to create a high-quality sand table model. To do a good job of sand table model, we must do four parts carefully, so that the sand table can be vivid and vivid.
1. Do a good job in the construction part. The buildings should be highly restored and manufactured according to the share according to the drawings. The color, structure and brick by brick should be done well without any negligence. The material and texture of the walls of buildings should be shown, and the balcony windows should be well mastered. Construction is a valuable part of the sand table. A good sand table mainly depends on the construction. The construction curve and structure are very important.
2.商業街部分,商業街要做好全體的布局,要注意到街上的小車,大型商場的配套設備,停車場、來往行人、商場的廣 告 海報等,這些細節也決議了沙盤模型的好壞,處理好細節才干更好的烘托出商業氛圍。
2. For the commercial street, the overall layout of the commercial street should be well done, and attention should be paid to the cars on the street, the supporting equipment of large shopping malls, parking lots, pedestrians, advertising posters of shopping malls, etc. these details also determine the quality of the sand table model. Only by dealing with the details can we better set off the business atmosphere.
3.環境部分,環境包括的規模非常大,值得注意的地方許多。路途地上、樹林林蔭、野外公園、湖、涼亭、健康通道等,環境的鋪地依據項目要求,有些實體樓 盤的地上有雕刻的;綠化要盡量造的傳神一點,樹木有凹凸,有不同的品種;湖面的波紋作用,能夠在沙盤模型中加入水循環裝置,合作燈火作用,打造波光粼粼的作用。
3. In the environmental part, the scale of the environment is very large, and there are many noteworthy places. On the road, trees and shade, field parks, lakes, pavilions, health channels, etc. the paving of the environment is carved on the ground of some physical buildings according to the project requirements; Greening should be as vivid as possible. Trees have concave convex and different varieties; The ripple effect of the lake can add a water circulation device to the sand table model to cooperate with the light to create a sparkling effect.
4. For the lighting part, including street lamps, the construction of lights should pay attention to that the lamps are easy to burn out and short circuit when they are on for a long time. A consistent switch should be made and controlled by computer program. The lights should be turned off every 5 minutes.
In addition to the fundamental performance and usability of a good product, we should pay more attention to details and user experience. Therefore, if we want to make a sand table model, we need to pay attention to all aspects of details and consider them as a whole.
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