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Because many netizens can't grasp the key points of sand table model making, Huaye model will briefly introduce the basic requirements of landform sand table. Firstly, with its good practicability, sand table model is widely used in the field of urban planning and design, showing the planning blueprint, as well as in many fields such as environmental governance, engineering transformation, agricultural planning, real estate design and so on. Used to display its characteristics. Different models have different characteristics and different materials. Different models are suitable for different situations. Sand table model is an expression of the system, process, thing or concept studied. It can also refer to samples made according to experiments, drawings, enlargement or reduction. These samples are usually used for exhibition, testing or casting mechanical parts, etc.
Application of landform in sand table model making
1. There are two control modes: remote control and remote control. Manual control is controlled by ordinary switch or manual control panel. The manual control panel device adopts membrane touch switch, which can be installed on the surface or side of the valve body, and can be released and transported by slideway. Infrared remote control means to complete all manual control functions except power supply, and the remote control distance shall not exceed 8m.
2. Photoelectric display content, forming street lamps, range lines of key areas, etc., using optical fiber as light-emitting device, spotlight as light source, and light source color to distinguish content. Thematic elements can be represented by light-emitting diodes of different specifications. The photoelectric control system can be controlled by manual control switch or computer system. The display part is controlled by computer memory program and input into the display unit through power amplifier components such as solid-state relay.
Beijing model company
3. At present, there are two kinds of wood structure and aluminum alloy structure in the mold base and outer packaging. The disk height is less than 1m, and the field of view angle is about 20 ° - 30 °. At present, the outer packaging structure is becoming more and more luxurious. The outer packaging type can be designed according to the user's requirements. Its basic requirement is that the outer packaging should be coordinated with the valve body and have a beautiful and generous appearance.
4. Voice system simple voice system can be completed by recording device. In the case of high requirements, the voice system uses computer language to design voice programs, and uses optical discs, optical disc drives, power amplifiers and speakers to complete the search and playback under the control of the computer.
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